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We’ve Integrated with Klarna to Make Art More Accessible

Krakonos & The Skiers | Czechoslovakia | 1980

Soviet posters were often printed by their thousands. But most were thrown away when the movie or movement was over. The rest usually ended off in attics or  basements where water, termites and time slowly destroyed them. The posters that survive today, in good condition, are increasingly rare. As prices continue to rise, finding ways to make art more accessible is something I’ve been thinking about. 

Klarna is a Swedish technology company known for its buy-now pay later business model. When I was growing up, buy-now, pay-later came with hidden fees and predatory interest rates. Instead of charging the customer interest, Klarna charges the retailer. Customers can split the cost of a purchase over several monthly instalments or pay in full up to 30 days later. No interest. No fees. Ever. 

Art isn’t just an investment, it’s a connection. It’s about owning something that resonates on a personal level. By integrating with Klarna and providing free global shipping we’re making art just a little bit more accessible. 

You can use Klarna to shop a few of my favourites below or browse our full collection here.

Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future | Poland | 1982£600.00
Paris Blues | East Germany | 1970£500.00
Tierpark Berlin | East Germany | 1975£450.00
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